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Orchard Consulting Group is built upon a specific platform we call the Orchard Way. All that we are and all that we do sits on this set of defined core values. We are motivated by our desire to provide resources to people, businesses and organizations that are reproducible over time. We are assiduous, thorough, and managed, which enables us to consistently distribute quality services that are marked by hard work, diligence and careful attention. 

The Orchard Way includes a commitment to build an environment where innovation, initiative, creativity and collaboration thrive. As an internal framework for external action the Orchard Way is designed to produce healthy and vibrant life internally that flows out to those we work alongside. All the Services we offer will be accomplished according to the Orchard Way.

Our Services

Start Up Collaboration

Orchard Consulting Group prepares you to launch your exciting new business idea.  We will guide you through the maze of requirements to begin operating and help establish the key processes that will make a strong foundation for you as you build toward the future.  For example, we will provide you with practical advice and concrete solutions as you:

  • Find the correct form of business for today and for your future growth

  • Navigate federal and state tax requirements

  • Design and implement effective operational processes

  • Create business appropriate accounting and record keeping procedures

  • Understand your human resource requirements, including payroll and policies

  • Discover branding, website and marketing strategies

Synchronized Operations

Orchard Consulting Group believes in measurable migration and will help you establish clear goals and milestone-based plans to move you from where you are today to where you want to be.  We will assist you with setting and meeting your goals in the areas of employee satisfaction, sales, market and financial metrics.  We will collaborate with you to develop a holistic and synchronized plan to ensure a balanced movement forward that is strong and sustainable.

Focused Insight

Orchard Consulting Group will create forecast models that will help you manage your daily business while keeping an eye to the future.  We provide cash forecasting models, financial reporting models, annual and long-term budget models along with sales and supply chain models.  We believe in creating tools that are unique to your business and that will provide you visibility to the critical information you need.  

Building Culture

Orchard Consulting Group will help you define your culture and help you create a clear and vibrant culture that represents your leadership philosophies. A well-established, active culture can increase productivity and satisfaction among your employees.  A common culture is the foundation for full engagement and sustained building.

Team Enhancement

Orchard Consulting Group will create programs to develop your leadership and create highly effective teams inside of your company.  Collaboration is the pathway to the highest level of creativity and productivity – when every voice counts truly remarkable things can be accomplished!  We will also partner with you to develop hiring and on-boarding programs helping you hire the right talent, integrate them into your culture, and create the optimal pathways to productivity. 


Business Services

Orchard Consulting Group can partner with you to maximize your ability to focus on your growing business by performing the important day to day tasks.  This can include daily accounting, monthly financial reporting and performance analysis, processing of payroll, and management of accounts receivable and accounts payable.  We are Certified ProAdvisors for QuickBooks and have expertise in many other accounting platforms.

Crisis Partnership

Orchard Consulting Group offers crisis consulting to help you weather an unexpected storm.  We tailor our services to meet your urgent needs.  If your company or leadership is experiencing an unexpected crisis we will come alongside you to assess, bring perspective and stabilize you through insightful partnership.   We will help establish a firm recovery plan to provide security for your employees, customers and vendors.  As part of this holistic plan, Orchard Consulting Group will even partner with you to manage the important day to day tasks, including daily accounting tasks, monthly financial reporting and performance analysis, processing of payroll, and management of accounts receivable and accounts payable.


Comprehensive Business Scan

Orchard Consulting Group will conduct an extensive scan of your business focused on the development of a plan to stabilize the foundation, enhance decision making and create a measurable plan of action to achieve future goals.  



The Scan will include the core business areas upon which everything pivots


The Scan of each area will allow us to identify and create plans across five strategic categories


Detailed conversations with leadership and employees along with a focused Scan of operational systems and data 


Elevated Sight of your business that will allow for synchronized forward movement



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