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What We Do


Orchard Consulting Group is built upon a specific platform we call the Orchard Way. All that we are and do sits on this set of defined core values. We are motivated by our desire to provide resources to people, businesses and non-profit organizations. We consistently distribute quality services that are marked by hard work, diligence and careful attention. The Orchard Way includes a commitment to build an environment where innovation, creativity and collaboration thrive. All the Services we offer will be accomplished with a high attention to detail and ethics.

Start Up Collaboration

Orchard Consulting Group prepares you to launch your exciting new business idea.  We will guide you through the maze of requirements to begin operating and help establish the key processes that will make a strong foundation for you as you build toward the future.  For example, we will provide you with practical advice and concrete solutions as you:

  • Find the correct form of business for today and for your future growth

  • Navigate federal and state tax requirements

  • Design and implement effective operational processes

  • Create business appropriate accounting and record keeping procedures

  • Understand your human resource requirements, including payroll and policies

  • Discover branding, website and marketing strategies

Reporting and Analytics

Do you have questions about your business?  What are my margins?  Did I make any profit on that project?   What will it cost me to grow my business?  The business environment is growing more complex and the need for clarified reporting and analytics is a key tool to navigating that environment.  We will partner with you to develop, produce and monitor key reports that bring you the information and insight you need.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services

Do you need more time to focus on running your business and building for the future?  We can partner with you to manage the daily bookkeeping needs and ensure you have access to current information you need to make decisions and improve operations. Keeping your business records up to date is essential and our expertise will bring new efficiencies to the process. We are Certified ProAdvisors and are Elite members of the Quickbooks ProAdvisor Program – the highest achievable level of service.

Business Assessment

There are times as a leader that you are not sure what is operationally strategic or how to build toward the future you desire for your company.  Our Business Assessment is a powerful collaborative partnership where we gain understanding of your past, your current and your future goals.  We then utilize a team with vast experience in operations, analysis and IT to develop a Strategic Improvement Plan.  This plan can be your roadmap to move forward with efficiency toward a clearly defined target.

Fractional CFO

As the leader of your business, you realize you need help in streamlining processes, developing and driving goal setting and creating a financial structure that supports your business’s ability to grow.  But you are not ready to hire a full-time member of your executive staff.  We can partner with you by providing Fractional CFO services to accelerate your movement forward.  These services can be provided for six months or more as we help you build toward your future goals.


Cash Flow Modeling

Understanding and managing your cash is critical – in the current month as well as looking out 3 to 6 months.  Our cash flow modeling is built from your actual operations and forecasted business decisions to provide insight into your future cash needs or surplus.  We can model seasonality as well to help you save in the high months to then manage in the low months.

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