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Who We Are


Orchard Consulting Group utilizes Insightful Partnership to bring Strategy, Strength and Stabilization.  We believe in equalized access to resources regardless of business size.  We engage with existing businesses to help navigate through today’s complex business environment, helping to develop sound processes for future growth. We enjoy working with start-up companies to build a strong foundation and non-profit companies. We offer Business Assessment, Forecasting, Managerial Reporting and daily bookkeeping needs.  Our approach is to collaborate with business leaders to elevate their sight of the current state of their business while looking toward the future to create a roadmap forward.  Whether it's growth, new markets, operational efficiency or upgrading existing processes we are able to custom design our services to maximize the positive impact on your business. 


We have a clear set of Core Values which we call The Orchard Way.  They provide the internal framework all things operate from. 

Assiduous Culture

We are built on an assiduous culture - in everything we do we apply Diligence, Attention, Effort and Great Care.

Collaboration & Team 

Collaboration and team are our hallmark operating systems with every member of a team being valued and respected.

Iterative Process

We are committed to a thriving process of working diligently, evaluating and learning from each endeavor. This allows us to continually grow in wisdom and integrity and ensure we stay true to our mission.

Innovation, Initiative & Creativity

We are building an environment which fosters innovation, initiative and creativity. This provides limitless possibilities.

Purpose Over Profit

Purpose is the Core Driver of Orchard. We do not exist first for profit but rather we have a primary call to purpose.

Integrity & Clear Ethics

We uphold integrity and ethics fiercely for all internal and external interactions.  Every employee, business decision and business engagement are guarded by these principles.

Healthy & Vibrant Life

We strive to create a work environment that contributes to a holistically healthy, vibrant and balanced life. We value the life and family of those who work alongside and for Orchard.

We give great attention to consistently guarding The Orchard Way so as a company we remain on an upward trajectory in our ethics, values and care of our employees and clients.




We have a passion for people and a desire to develop systems that facilitate life – for clients, employees and their families, and other companies we partner with.


We have a core belief that there should be equalized access to resources and that everyone has value and a relevant contribution.  We have been fulfilling this mission for over 35 years – in global business environments, entrepreneurial ventures, non-profit organizations and inside of our amazing and growing family!

Here are just a few of the ways we have helped others achieve their goals in a wide variety of environments:​

  • Implementation of a GAAP based accounting system for a $15M manufacturing business

  • Catch up of over 2 years of bookkeeping and development of new reporting tools

  • Establishing start-up companies including federal and state requirements

  • Cash flow forecasting for companies to provide enhanced sight for planning

  • Conversion from prior bookkeeping system to QuickBooks online

  • Mergers and Acquisition support including due diligence, underwriting and tax planning

As a partner we will come alongside and work together to design, implement and monitor programs that help you clarify and accomplish your short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Our Core Values
Who We Are
The Orchard Way
Larry and Lizi Brown


Collaboration brings relationship, energy, creativity and fun!  We are excited to introduce our Orchard Associates!


Stephanie Danclair

Miami, FL

Sarah Brown

McKinney, TX


Rachel Ussher

New Plymouth, New Zealand

Hayley Chan

Flower Mound, TX

Ntebo Archer

Miami, FL

Jacqui Gnoth

New Plymouth, New Zealand

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