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Who We Are


Orchard Consulting Group will come alongside and work together to design, implement and monitor programs that help you clarify and accomplish your short-term objectives and long-term goals.  We believe in equalized access to resources regardless of business size, industry or location.  We engage with large businesses to help them navigate through today’s complex business environment; we collaborate with small businesses to develop sound philosophies and processes for future growth; we also enjoy working with start-up companies to build correctly from the start and set an accurate trajectory forward.


An evaluative tool to allow for an executive level scan to identify areas of strength, areas that need stabilization and areas to build to meet future goals.


Navigating today’s complex business environment requires reliable and up to date information. 


A platform where we create architecture that will benefit your company today and in the future.

What People Are Saying

“What a year!!! We had hired a consulting firm to reassess our business and how it was being operated. Two months later we were in total chaos and worse off financially. Burdened with debt and no idea what to do next, our accountant introduced us to Larry Brown. In just a few short months we had organizational
paperwork flow, P& L that was true and to date and a process that was easy to follow and maintain. I owe a tremendous amount of our success to Orchard Consulting Group.” 

Mike S., Owner Majestic Turbo, Dallas TX

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